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What is Anbe? Let’s eat delicious Genghis Khan in Tono !

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, Genghis Khan is associated with Hokkaido. Actually Tono is also famous for it.

You can eat delicious Genghis Khan in Tono.

Today, I will introduce Anbe that is the originator of Tono Genghis Khan.

What is Anbe?

What is Anbe?

It began to eat lamb as Genghis Khan from around 1930 in Tono. Now, Genghis Khan has become a staple in Tono’s food culture.

Anbe is the original store of Tono Genghis Khan with a history of over 50 years.

The first owner of Anbe learned the deliciousness of Genghis Khan in Manchuria during military service. After that, he opened Anbe in Tono. At first, it seems that his family only ate Genghis Khan.

One day, he offered a guest Genghis Khan. Then the guest was very impressed with the taste. He started selling Genghis Khan at his store since then. The reputation of his store gradually increased and it became a popular store.

You can eat delicious Genghis Khan at Anbe.

Information of Anbe

Address 2chome-4-12, Hayasecho, Tono city, Iwate.
Business Hours Retail AM9:00 ~ PM7:00
Restaurant AM9:00 ~ PM7:00
The closed day Every Thursday
Access 【By car】Tono station ~ Anbe about 5min
【By Train】Shin-Hanamaki station ~ Tono station(JR Kamaishi line about 55min) ~ Anbe(About 15min on foot)

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You can enjoy eating delicious Genghis Khan at Anbe!

Anbe is a retail store facing the road, and a restaurant on the far right.

a retail store a restaurant

Genghis Khan on the menu has lamb and mutton. Generally rum is soft and mild taste, Mutton has a firm meat quality.

The Lamb shoulder loin set meal(1400yen) is recommended by the clerk.

The lamb that was brought in is very fresh. First of all, I will introduce the delicious baking method.

Genghis Khan

How to bake Genghis Khan.

  1. First, add the oil to the pot and let it soften. Leave the fat as it is on the top of the pan.
  2. Then, place the vegetables on the edge of the pot and the lamb meat in the middle. Wait until the color of the lamb edge changes, because If you turn it upside down immediately, the meat will stick to the pot.
  3. Turn over when the color of the lamb edge changes. After turning over, If the meat has a brown color, you can enjoy it. If you grill too much, the meat will be hard

When it’s baked, add homemade sauce and eat! The taste of meat spreads in my mouth. The meat is tender, juicy and delicious! The vegetables are fresh and delicious.

Lamb shoulder loin Lamb shoulder loin

It was so delicious that I ate up in no time. I was satisfied with the original taste of Tono Genghis Khan.

As an aside, if you have a barbecue in Tono, there is a dedicated Genghis Khan bucket. Bake the Genghis Khan by putting the Genghis Khan pan on the bucket with the intake port. The second owner of Anbe invented this bucket.

If you go to Tono, please try Tono specialty Genghis Khan!