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What is Fudo waterfall? The sound of the waterfall resonates comfortably!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, Do you like waterfall? I like it, because it’s so beautiful and the air around the waterfall is fresh.

Today, I will introduce Fudo waterfall in Ofunato, Iwate.

It consists of two waterfalls. The place is surrounded by large trees such as cedar and horse chestnut, so the sound of the waterfall resonates comfortably.

What is Fudo waterfall?

What is Fudo waterfall?

Fudo waterfall in Ofunato city consists of two waterfalls, Odaki on the right and Medaki on the left.

Fudoson is enshrined in the shrine between the two waterfalls, so the name of this waterfall was named after that.

By the way, Fudoson is a god widely believed in Japanese Buddhism.

Odaki that flows down from a height of 15 meters is called ‘Shiraito Falls’ because of its mysterious quietness. so It’s a famous scenic spot in Ofunato.

This area is surrounded by large cedar and conker trees, and the rocks are covered with moss. That’s way you can see a rich nature there.

The water that flows down from the waterfall is transparent, and has been regarded as a divine water of longevity and huge harvest since ancient times. In addition, It has also been selected as one of the 20 best waters in Iwate.

Where is Fudo waterfall?

Where is Fudo waterfall?
Address Kumanoiri, Sanrikucho Ryori, Ofunato city, Iwate.
Access 【By car】Ichinoseki station ~ Fudo waterfall about 120min
【On foot】Ryori station(Sanriku Railway Rias Line) ~ Fudo waterfall about 30min

I recommend Clothes and shows that are comfortable to move around in. because there are slippery places there.

The sound of the waterfall resonates comfortably!

The sound of the waterfall resonates comfortably!

There is a torii at the entrance of Fudo waterfall. The road that leads to the waterfall is maintained to the middle and you can enjoy views of nature and stream. The air is crisp and clear, so I fell good.

road to fudo waterfall stream

After a short walk you can see Fudo waterfall! On the right is Odaki, on the left is Medaki.

Odaki is a waterfall that flows down from a height of 15m. It is powerful and makes a pleasant sound of water.

Odaki Odaki2

Medaki is a bit smaller than Odaki, but the amount of flowing water is abundant.

Medaki Medaki2

The area around Fudo waterfall is surrounded by a rich nature, so the sound of the waterfall echoes comfortably, and sometimes you can even hear the sounds of birds.

rich nature

The stream is also very beautiful and clear.

inside the water

Please visit Fudo waterfall to feel the charm of nature. You can spend a very calm time.