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What is Goishi Coast?Stroll the Goishi coast while enjoying the view of the Sanriku coast!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, a beautiful coastline continues along the coast of Iwate. These beautiful views are breathtaking.

Today, I will introduce Goishi Coast!

You can stroll the Goishi coast while enjoying the view of the Sanriku coast!

What is Goishi Coast?

What is Goishi Coast?

The coastline of about 6 km facing the Pacific Ocean side of the Suezaki Peninsula in Ofunato City is known as the “Goishi Coast” and is a popular scenic spot.

The name comes from “Goishihama” which is a beach made up of pebbles that have been polished by the waves. It is said that this black pebbles was once presented to the lord of Date as Goishi.

The Goishi coast was formed by mud accumulated in the sea about 130 million years ago, and it became a solid black rock in the deep underground and rose to form a coastline, so The coastline of G oishi Coast has a variety of shapes. The cliffs around 30m high continue and you can see the view of the rough and beautiful Rias coast.

It has been designated as a “national scenic spot/natural monument” and “Sanriku Geopark Geosite“, and the landscape created by nature over the years is overwhelming. The Goishi Coast is also a course for the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail.

Stroll the Goishi coast while enjoying the view of the Sanriku coast!

You can enjoy a stroll while enjoying the varied and rough view of the coastline at Goishi Coast.

Goishi Coast

Above all, this “Kaminariiwa and Ranbouya” is the most noticeable.

Kaminariiwa Ranbouya

Kaminariiwa” is a large rock that has been selected as one of the “100 Soundscapes of Japan” When the waves hitting the cave of it compress the air and come out, a heavy bass sound reverberates like a thunder. You can enjoy the magnificent appearance of the Kaminariiwa and the powerful sound that echoes.

Ranbouya” is a canyon-like landform that is located between Kaminariiwa and a 30m high cliff. It’s a must-see for the waves to hit the cliff roughly.

There is also an observatory at Goishi Coast overlooking the ocean of Ofunato. You can enjoy the magnificent view of the sea while slowly feeling the scenery, the sound of the waves, and the sea breeze.

observatory view

In addition, Goishi Coast is full of natural attractions such as “Anatoshiiso” where three holes were opened due to erosion of the waves!

Where is Goishi Coast?

Where is Goishi Coast?
Address Ohama, Suesaki, Ofunato, Iwate
Access 【By Car】Ichinoseki station~ Goishi Coast Information Center about 100min

When you go to Goishi Coast by car, I recommend using the Goishi Coast Information Center which has a large parking lot.