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What is Inari Ana? Best water to grow Miyamori’s specialty wasabi!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, There are many interesting places in Tono, Iwate where the world of The Legends of Tono spreads.

Among these, Today I will introduce Inari Ana!

What is Inari Ana?

What is Inari Ana?

Inari Ana in Miyamori, Tono is a limestone cave with a depth of 700 m, and the inside of the cave is full of variety.

The water selected as one of the 20 best waters in Iwate springs out from there. It is cool and very delicious, so many people come to get this water.

Also, there are many wasabi fields around this place that use this high-quality water. In fact, the Miyamori district is the best production area of ​​wasabi in Tohoku. Miyamori’s wasabi has a good scent and a rich flavor.

Best water to grow Miyamori’s specialty wasabi

There is a parking lot in Inari Ana where you can park about 20 cars. It is about a 5 minute walk to the Inari Ana from there. The road that leads to it is surrounded by nature, so this place is also perfect for a stroll.

A beautiful stream flows by the passage, so the sound of flowing water plays a beautiful tone.

stream stream

This is the wasabi field that Miyamori’s specialty wasabi is grown. It was over 100 years ago that they started cultivating wasabi in Miyamori. Nowadays, it is the best wasabi production area in Tohoku. I understood the reason of it after looking a clean water at this place.

wasabi field

This water is used not only for wasabi cultivation but also for rainbow trout farming. A rainbow trout swimming in clean water looks somehow comfortable.

rainbow trout

The destination Inari Ana is in the precincts of Inari Shrine that is worshiped as a shrine of praying for rain.

Inari Shrine Inari Shrine2

This is the Inari Ana. Transparent and clean water is spring out and A cool breeze comes from this cave. The entrance of this cave is narrow and cannot be entered without permission. I’m wondering what’s going on in this cave where clean water springs up.

What is Inari Ana? Inari Ana2

There are two places to get water. One is Inari Ana, and the other is right next to the parking lot. The water of near parking lot is sterilized with ultraviolet rays and is easy to carry.

get  water

Where is Inari Ana?

Where is Inari Ana?
Address Shiroishi district, Miyamoricho Tassobe, Tono, Iwate
Access 【By car】Hanamaki Airport~Inari Ana about 50min
Tono station~Inari Ana about 35min

Please visit Inari Ana to see the beautiful water. You can also camp at this place and eat wasabi ice cream at nearby Roadside station Miyamori!