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What is Kakko-Dango? Do you know flying dango?

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Good evening, I’m ryo!

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There are a lot of wonderful places in Iwate.

I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, do you know flying dango?

There is a rare dango in Genbikei Gorge previously introduced.

about Genbikei Gorge↓

What is Genbikei Gorge?You can see the view created by rich nature over many years!

I introduce Genbikei Gorge. You can see the view created by rich nature over many years.

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Today, I will introduce Kakko-Dango!

It’s a specialty of Kakkoya.

What is Kakkoya?

What is Kakkoya?

At first, start with the explanation of Dango.

Dango is a japanease sweet dumpling made of rice.Usually, three or four of them are served on sticks.There are various sauces.

Kakkoya is a long-established dango shop in Gembi Gorge that was founded in 1890.

The specialty of this store is Kakko-Dango called flying dango.

Why is it so called?

The second floor of this shop and the arbor on the opposite sore are connected by a cable. A clerk use it to deliver the dango to the arbor. The view looks like dango is flying, so Kakko Dango is called flying dango.

It’s a kind of entertainment for tourists. You can order without entering the shop and eat dango while watching the beautiful view of Genbikei Gorge.

Of course you can eat dango in the shop and take out.

Information of Kakkoya

Information of Kakkoya
Address 211 Takinoue, Genbi town, Ichinoseki city, Iwate
Business Hours AM9:00 ~ PM4:00(Limited quantity)
The closed day Winter season(December to Early March)
Business Hours Access 【By car】JR Ichinoseki station ~ Kakkoya(about 20min)
Hiraizumi ~ Kakkoya(abou 15min)

Do you know flying dango?

I will explain how to buy flying dango.

At first, put the fee(500yen per person) in the basket hanging on the cable of the arbor. Next hit the board with a mallet.

basket board

Then the basket will go up to the shop. After waiting for a while, the basket containing dango and green tea will be delivered.

Kakkoya Kakko dango kakko dango1

The speed was faster than I can imagine. It really seemed like a dango flying in the sky. The green tea is not split although the speed is quite fast.

kakko dango2

There are tree type of Kakko Dango, Mitarashi, Sesame,and Anko. Mitarashi is a sweet soy sauce. Anko is a sweet bean paste. Kakko dango is chewy and delicious.

kakko dango flavor

You can eat it while watching the beautiful view of Genbikei Gorge!

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