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What is Kamome no Tamago? It’s a recommended sweet as a souvenir of Iwate!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, Have you ever wondered what to buy as a souvenir during traveling?

Today, I will introduce Kamome no Tamago!

It’s a recommended sweet as a souvenir of Iwate.

What is Kamome no Tamago?

What is Kamome no Tamago?

Kamome no Tamago is a famous sweets that is one of the typical of Saito Seika in Ofunato City.

It started selling in 1952, and while improving, it became a cute design like a seagull egg. The white bean paste is wrapped in castella dough, and it is coated with white chocolate. Also, it is used carefully selected materials.

Saito Seika started as Saito Mochiya, where Ms.Kinue sold handmade traditional japanese sweets: Daifuku, Mochi, and Yubeshi. Then, it overcame many difficulties such as tunami of the Chile earthquake, and now It has created a famous sweets representing not only Ofunato but Iwate.

Kamome no Tamago is a perfect souvenir!

Kamome no Tamago is a perfect souvenir!

Kamome no Tamago is also one of the most suitable souvenir from Iwate.

I often buy it as a souvenir for people who live in different places. It’s delicious and looks pretty like a seagull egg, so It has a good reputation.

It has a good sweetness balance and an elegant sweetness, so it goes well with coffee or tea. How about an afternoon tea time?


Different flavors of Kamome no Tamago will be released depending on the season, so one of the pleasures is to enjoy the flavors that match the occasional seasons.

Where can I buy Kamome no Tamago?

You can buy Kamome no Tamago at many locations throughout Iwate, souvenir shops at major stations in Iwate such as Morioka Station and Ichinoseki Station, roadside stations, and supermarkets etc.

If you want to buy souvenir in Iwate, try Kamome no Tamago from Saito Seika.