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What is Kamome Terrace? Not only selling products, but also a place to connect people!

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By the way, There is a store opened in 2017 by Saito Seika in Ofunato City.

Today, I will introduce Kamome Terrace where not only selling products, but also a place to connect people!

What is Kamome Terrace?

What is Kamome Terrace?

Kamome Terrace in the center of Ofunato is a store opened in 2017 by Saito Seika that manufactures and sells the Kamome no Tamago which is arguably the most famous souvenir from Iwate.

Not only Kamome no Tamago but also many Japanese sweets, Western sweets, bread, mochi, etc. are sold in the store.

The roots of Saito Seika is Saito Mochiya where Ms. Kinue who is the current chairman’s grandmother sold handmade Daifuku, mochi, and yubeshi. There is also a cafe named after it in the store, and you can enjoy “grilled rice dumplings” and “Kamome soft” made with the yellow bean paste of Kamome no Tamago.

There is also a kids space and an eat-in space where you can eat your purchased products immediately.

Kamome Terrace is not a store that only sells products. The sweet manufacturing space is covered with glass, so you can observe the manufacturing process from inside the store. In addition, events such as sweet cooking classes are also held, and you can make only one Kamome no Tamago in the world at “DECO Kamome no Tamago” (reservation required) scheduled to be held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Engawa(veranda) seen in traditional Japanese houses was a place to connect people with each other as a place to relax and a place for people to come and go. Kamome Terrace is also a place of relaxation for many people as a “Engawa” of the town.

Not only selling products, but also a place to connect people!

Not only selling products, but also a place to connect people!

The exterior of the Kamome Terrace is made of brick, giving it a modern atmosphere.

There are many Japanese sweets, Western sweets, breads, and mochi products in the store, and it is perfect for choosing souvenirs when visiting Ofunato.You may find your favorite sweet!

Grilled dumplings, Kamome soft and pudding, etc are sold at the cafe “Saito Mochiya” in the store. There is also Saito Coffee [Wa ~ Nagomi ~] roasted to match the sweets, so please try it with delicious sweets.

On this day, I took out the “Kamome soft” soft serve ice cream that resembled Kamome no Tamago. It uses the yellow bean paste of Kamome no Tamago, and the wings are expressed with white chocolate.

The photo shows “Kamome Soft Raspberry” (500 yen) for spring only when the bean paste is a raspberry bean paste. The refreshing sweetness of raspberry and rich vanilla were matched, and it was a very delicious soft ice cream.

Kamome Soft Raspberry

By the way, “Isaribi Illumination” is held in winter. you can see the beautiful scenery as the area around Kamome Terrace is illuminated.

Isaribi Illumination

Information of Kamome Terrace

Address Chayamae-7-31, Ofunatocho, Ofunato, Iwate
Business Hours AM9:00~PM7:00
Closed day New year’s day
Access 【By Car】Ichinoseki station~ Kamome Terrace about 90min
【By Train】Ichinoseki station~Kesennuma station(JR Ofnato Line about 80min)~O funato station(JR Ofunato Line BRT about 85min)

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What is Kamome no Tamago? It’s a recommended sweet as a souvenir of Iwate!

Have you ever wondered what to buy as a souvenir during traveling? I will introduce Kamome no Tamago. It’s a recommended japanese sweet as a souvenir of Iwate.

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