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What is Marukan building cafeteria? Let’s go eat the soft serve eaten with chopsticks!

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Goodevening, I’m ryo!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way,There is a cafeteria loved by citizens in Hanamaki city,Iwate.

Today, I will introduce Marukan building cafeteria.

The specialty is big soft serve eaten with chopsticks!

What is Marukan building cafeteria?

What is Marukan building cafeteria?

Marukan building cafeteria. is in Hanamaki city, Iwate.

It is open on the 6th floor of the Malcan Department Store, which opened in 1973. In 2016, the Malcan department store was closed due to earthquake resistance issues. Along with that, it also closed together.

However, after receiving strong requests and donations from citizens etc., it was restarted in 2017. That ’s why it ’s loved by citizens. At present, it have completed the earthquake-resistant construction and are now operating on the 1st and 6th floors.

The specialty is big soft serve eaten with chopsticks or Napori-katsu with Napolitan, pork cutlet and salad on one plate.

Where is Marukan building cafeteria?

Address kamimachi6-2, Hanamaki city, Iwate.
Business Hours AM11:00 ~ PM6:30 (L.O PM6:00)
The closed day Wednesday
Access 【By car】Hanamaki Airport ~ Marukan building cafeteria about 15min
【On foot】Hanamaki station ~ Marukan building cafeteria about 15min

Enjoy a delicious meal in Marukan building cafeteria.

Marukan building cafeteria is located in the center of Hanamaki, and the exterior is retro, so easy to find.

What is Marukan building cafeteria?

Special products and souvenirs are sold on the 1st floor of this building, so it’s good for buying souvenirs while traveling.

The cafeteria is on the 6th floor, so let’s go by elevator or stairs.

The cafeteria is very large, and it is crowded with many people on weekdays Before the coronavirus epidemic. You can see the view of Hanamaki city from the window. The old-fashioned cafeteria is left as it is.


A lot of menus are displayed in the showcase.


I will show you how to order.

How to order↓

  1. Look at the showcase at the entrance to decide what to order
  2. Buy meal ticket at cash register
  3. Sit on a seat and give a meal ticket to the waitress
  4. The food is brought to your seat
  5. Leave the tableware after eating

This soft serve is a specialty of this cafeteria. It’s as big as the next chopstick stand. It ’s 230 yen at this size.

soft serve

The way we eat this soft serve is a little different. This soft serve is eaten with chopsticks. You too should eat it with chopsticks!

You can enjoy a delicious meal while enjoying a retro atmosphere.

Please come to Marukan building cafeteria for a delicious meal