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What is Mizuwake Shrine? Beautiful water flowing through the shrine precincts!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

Yesterday, I introduced Nagashizu where clean water springs from the bottom of a fish-shaped pond.

I will introduce the place in Iwate where the water is beautiful again today.

Mizuwake Shrine is famous for springing up very clean water in the precincts!

What is Mizuwake Shrine?

What is Mizuwake Shrine?

Mizuwake Shrine in Hanamaki is famous for springing up very clean water in the precincts, so this place is selected as 20 Iwate famous waters.

It is said that when shogun Sakanoueno Tamura Maro went to Kiyomizu Temple, he stopped at this place and drank water Over 1000 years ago.

At first it was built as Uchimuro Inari Shrine in 1405. Then moved to its present location in 1893. And now the water god of spring water is enshrined in Mizuwake Shrine.

This water that has been springing up for over 1000 years is said to be effective against all diseases.

This shrine is surrounded by nature, so it’s very calm.

Where is Mizuwake Shrine?

Where is Mizuwake Shrine?
Address Todorokidai 19 Chiwari, Hanamaki city, Iwate
Access 【By car】Shin-Hanamaki station ~ Mizuwake Shrine about 25min Hanamaki Airport ~ Mizuwake Shrine about 25min

Pure water flowing through the precincts!

Mizuwake shrine is surrounded by rich nature. When going through the torii, you can see very tall trees on both sides. There is a solemn atmosphere that is different from the place we normally live in.

tall trees

This is Mizuwake shrine where the water god is enshrined.

Mizuwake shrine

The beautiful water springs from the back of the shrine, and creating a clear stream of water. The color of the plants is also very beautiful.

spring water spring water2 stream

The precincts are covered with tall trees, so a little dim. I like this atmosphere that I can’t usually feel.

Let’s look inside the stream!

into the stream into the stream

It’s transparent and beautiful! Contrary to the quietness of the precincts, the flow of water is powerful.

Mizuwake shrine will make you feel like you do not normally feel and forget the busyness of everyday life.

Please come to Mizuwake Shrine to see the beautiful stream of water.