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【Ichinoseki】What is “Momonoyu”? Let’s enjoy a day trip hot spring at Momonoyu!

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Good evening, I’m ryo!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, Do you like the open-air hot spring? I like it, because I can see a various views from an open-air hot spring.

Today, I will introduce “Momonoyu

You can enjoy a panoramic view of Ichinoseki city from the open-air hot spring there!

What is “Momonoyu”?

What is

Yamazakura Momonoyu” is an asian-like hot spring located in a quiet place, Ichinoseki. It’s easily accessible by car, about 5km from JR Ichinoseki Station and about 3km from the Tohoku Expressway.

You can enjoy the 100% natural hot spring and 17 kinds of various baths, and also have a private theater which is rare in Tohoku, so you can watch popular drama performance twice a day.

Tenku open-air hot spring” which you can overlook the cityscape of Ichinoseki is the most popular hot spring at this inn.

You can stay overnight as well as take a day trip. It’s near from Gembikei and World Heritage site “Hiraizumi”, so it’s also perfect for staying while traveling.

Let’s enjoy a day trip hot spring at Momonoyu!

Let's enjoy a day trip hot spring at Momonoyu!

This time, I went to Momonoyu for a day trip hot spring. A statue of a frog welcoming me at the entrance.

statue of a frog

The atmosphere of the building is a fusion of Asian mood and Japanese taste, and It is kept clean.

The quality of the hot springs is sodium chloride spring, and it is said that to be effective for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, neuralgia, etc.

I think it’s a good point to have various kinds of baths. There are not only normal open-air baths, but also pots, cypress baths, natural stone quarry baths, etc.

Momonoyu is on the hill, so the view of ichinoseki from the open-air hot spring is also wonderful. I think it may be good to take an open-air hot spring while watching the night view of Ichinoseki and the starry sky.

You can also use the Japanese and Western rest area, free massage chair, and reclining room with TV, so you can relax after taking a hot spring!

Information of Momonoyu

Address Sasaya-393-6, Akoogi, Ichinoseki, Iwate
Business hours AM5:00~PM23:00
The fee of day trip hot spring 【2 hours】Weekday:680yen Weekends and holidays:980yen
【All day】Adult:1,680yen Child:1,280yen
Access 【By Car】Ichinoseki station~ Momonoyu about 15min
Hiraizumi~ Momonoyu about 10min

You can check the hot springs of Momonoyu on the official website⬇️

the official website of Momonoyu