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What is Nanshoso? Let’s enjoy the spectacular view of Nanshono-ma!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, Do you like historic buildings? Actually, a precious cultural heritage built in the Meiji era is carefully preserved in Morioka.

Today, I will introduce “Nanshoso“.

It has a historic building and a beautiful garden, and the view of the garden is reflected inside the room at “Nanshono-ma“, and this view is outstanding!

What is Nanshoso?

What is Nanshoso?

Nanshoso” located in Shimizucho, Morioka is a house built in 1855 by Yasugorou Segawa who is a businessman from Morioka and also known as the “Michinoku Mining King”. It also has a garden that was built over the years, and it is carefully preserved as one of the few Meiji residences and famous gardens in Morioka.

The owners of it have changed over the course of 130 years and have been used not only as house but also as a guest house to welcome big names such as business people. “Takashi Hara” who was the prime minister from Iwate also spends a month there. Many stories will be left behind there that has spent the Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa periods.

During its long history, it was once purchased by a major condominium company, and it seems that the wonderful garden will disappear, however, “Morioka cooperative society” regretted it, so they purchased it as a common property for the members. After that, “Iwate cooperative society” took over and both the house and the garden are preserved and utilized as precious cultural heritage.

Nanshoso’s Gozashiki became the model of the landlady’s room played by Ms. Mitsuko Kusabue in the 2007 NHK series “Donto Hare“. And it’s also the location for the movie “March comes in like a lion“.

Let’s enjoy the spectacular view of Nanshonoma!

Nanshono-ma” is the most popular room at Nanshoso with historical buildings and beautiful gardens.

Nanshono-ma Nanshono-ma Nanshono-ma

You can not only overlook the beautiful garden there, but the shiny floor mirrors the greenery of the outside and gives you a fantastic view. This view changes to autumn leaves in autumn, and its appearance is also superb.

I would like many people to take a look at this view, because even though it is located in the center of Morioka city, this view gives you a feeling of tranquility and peace.

You can also see the room that were used for the shooting of the “March comes in like a lion” and gardens, etc. In addition to events such as Hinamatsuri, tea parties, exhibitions of works, and concerts, it can also be used for wedding pre-shooting, Shichigosan, and coming‐of‐age day shooting.(For more information, please check Nanshoso web page)


Information of Nanshoso

Information of Nanshoso
Address Shimizucho13-46, Morioka, Iwate
Opening Hours (4/1~11/30) AM10:00~PM5:00
Closed day Monday, Tuesday, New Year holidays(12/26~1/10)
※Open if Monday is a national holiday
Admission fee Adult:300yen Elementary and junior high school student:150yen
Access 【By Car】Morioka station~ Nanshoso about 5min
【By Bus】Morioka station~Shimonohashicho bus stop(about 10min)~Nanshoso(on foot about 5min)