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What is Sahara Glass Park? Why don’t you make only one glassware in the world?

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Good evening, I’m ryo!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, Did you know that there is a place in Ichinoseki where you can experience making glassware?

Today, I will introduce Sahara Glass Park!

Let’s making only one glass product in the world there!

What is Sahara Glass Park?

What is Sahara Glass Park?

Sahara Glass Park in Ichinoseki exhibits and sells glass products from around the world.

The park was opened in 1993, and is based on the well-established “Sahara Glass Store” which was founded in 1931.

The appearance is Showa Retro, and there are more than 100,000 glass products in the store. Also, It has original products that are only sold at Sahara Glass Park. You may find your favorite glassware!

You can also experience making glass products at the glass workshop. You can make only one glass product for yourself in the world!

There is also cafe inside the Sahara Glass Park, so you can take a break after purchasing and making glass products.


Why don’t you make only one glassware in the world?

Why don't you make only one glassware in the world?

I had an experience of making glass products at the glass workshop in Sahara Glass Park.

Experience menu list

  • Hand graph beer…1,100yen
  • Candle making…2,200yen
  • Stained glass…2,200yen
  • Glass ball making…2,200yen
  • Single‐flower vase…2,200yen
  • Glass(Transparent)…3,850yen
  • Glass(color)…4,400yen
  • Postage(Japanese domestic)…900yen

This time, I have experienced making stained glass. To make it, at first select a favorite glasses from the prepared glasses, Then weld those with a soldering iron to make a photo stand. All work is completed in about 1 hour.

Here is my finished product⬇️

my finished product

In addition, you can also experience blown glass etc.

blown glass

Why don’t you visit Sahara Glass Park to make your own unique glass product in the world? Also you may be able to find your favorite glassware!

Where is Sahara Glass Park?

Where is Sahara Glass Park?
Address Takinoue263-1, Genbi, Ichinoseki, Iwate
Business hours AM9:00~PM6:00(December to March ~PM5:00)
Closed day New Year holidays
Access 【By Car】Ichinoseki station~ Sahara Glass Park about 20min