written by Ryohei Endo

What is Shizu-no-wakkutsu? You will know the true water color!

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Goode evening, I’m ryo!

Thank you for coming to my Blog.

There are a lot of wonderful places in Iwate.

I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, I like where there is water, so I often go to a sea, lake and river.

There are many places with clean water.

Today,I will introduce Shizu-no-wakkutsu.

The water here is crystal clear and beautiful.

What is Shizu-no-wakkutsu?

What is Shizu-no-wakkutsu?

Shizu-no-wakkutsu is in Rikuzentakata city. It was selected as one of the 20 famous water of Iwate in 1985.

It is said that 17,000ℓ of water is gushing out from here everyday. The temperature of water is almost the same throughout the year, so It’s very cold in summer that you can’t keep your hand in the water. The water never dry up until now.

The water is used by people living there. They always clean up this place to protect clean water.

Visitars can also see ‘Baikamo’. It’s water-crowfoot that grows in a beautiful and quiet river.

Where is Shizu-no-wakkutsu?

Where is Shizu-no-wakkutsu?

Shizu-no-wakkutu is in countryside of I wate.

Adress Oki-5 Yahagicho, Rikuzentakata, Iwate
Access 【By Car】JR Ichinoseki Station ~ Shizu-no-wakkutu(about 75min)
Hanamaki Airport ~ Shizu-no-wakkutu(about 100min)

You will know the true water color!

Shizu-no-wakkutu is the very beautiful and calm place surrounded by rich nature,so you can see the original scenery of the countryside.


Clear water flows quietly here, it’s like time passes slowly. It makes me calm and relax.

Shizu-no-wakkutsu2 Shizu-no-wakkutsu

This is a picture of inside the river. It’s very transparent. This green plants are Baikamo that it blooms white flowers in summer. and if you are lucky, you can see river fish.

inside the river

The water is crystal clear. You can drink the water here. It’s taste is good, so many people come to here to draw up the water.They use it for cooking rice and coffe, etc.

I spent a good time here.

If you go to here, you need to consider the environment to protect clear water.

Please come to Shizu-no-wakkutu. You will know the true water color.