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What is Showano School? Welcome to the good old days of Japan!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, There is a place in Hanamaki where retro items from Japan’s Showa period are exhibited.

Today, I will introduce Yamanoeki Showano School.

You can know the good old day’s of Japan.

What is Showano School?

What is Showano School?

Showano School is a facility in Hanamaki that reused a closed elementary school. 200,000 retro items from Japan’s Showa period are exhibited there.

The Showa period in Japan is from 1926 to 1989. Many things happened in Japan during that period and there were many changes. It’s also a period when the economy has grown rapidly.

These items were collected by the director Mr. Terui around Tohoku region.

This place is surrounded by a retro atmosphere, so It will make you feel like you’re traveling into the Showa period.

Information of Showano School

Address Ushikado86-1, kutashizawa, Hanamaki city, Iwate.
Business Hours April to October AM9:00 ~ PM5:00 (Last admission time PM4:30)
November to March AM10:00 ~ PM4:00(Last admission time PM3:30)
Admission fee 500yen for adult 300yen for children
The closed day Tuesday, New Year holidays
Access 【By car】Hanamaki airport ~ Showano School about 30min 【By bus】Hanamaki station ~ Showano School about 30min

You can know the good old day’s of Japan!

This is Showano School! It’s reuses a closed elementary school, so you can feel the atmosphere of a Japanese elementary school.

Showano School

Even the entrance has a retro atmosphere. There is a TV, a washing machine and a refrigerator at the time when you enter the entrance. These were symbols of life at the time.

kanban entrance TV

Various items from the Showa period are exhibited on the first floor: money, bike, etc.

money bike

Showa shopping district is reproduced on the second floor. You can experience the townscape of Showa.

This is a movie theater. Posters and projectors are on display here.

movie theater projectors

This is a Japanese Chinese restaurant.

Japanese Chinese restaurant

This is a tavern. Drinking alcohol in a place like this is also delicious.


It was a store that sold photos of japanese idols at the time.

photos shop

This is a bookstore. Many magazines and books from that time are on display.

bookstore books

It’s a dagashi shop. Dagashi is like a Japanese cheap sweets. There are places where you can still buy dagashi. If you find it, try eating it!


There are many shop in this place: watch shop, beauty salon, etc.

watch shop beauty salon

Please come to Showano School to feel the atmosphere of Showa.

You can know the good old day’s of Japan!