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【Tono】What is Takamuro Suikoen? What can you do at that place?

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Good evening, I’m ryo!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, There is a facility in Tono that reproduces the nature and lifestyle of Tono.

Today, I will introduce Takamuro Suikoen!

What is Takamuro Suikoen?

What is Takamuro Suikoen?

Takamuro Suikoen in Tono is a facility that reproduces the nature and lifestyle of Tono on the 6,2000㎡ property.

There are accommodation facilities, a dining hall, and an artificial hot spring where you can also take a day trip bath. Another feature is that there is a large pond that grills the fish you catch yourself with salt.

It is also striving to save energy using water and sun light. And Beautiful natural landscape is maintained there, so You can take a walk while enjoying the view of the four seasons.

Information of Takamuro Suikoen

Information of Takamuro Suikoen
Address Kashiwazaki 7-175-2, Tsuchibuchicho, Tono, Iwate
Open hour Visit to the park/10:00~16:00
Take a day trip bath/10:00~21:00
Dining hall/11:30~15:00
Admission fee Visit to the park/330yen for adult 220yen for elementary and middle school students
Take a day trip bath/550yen for adult 330yen for elementary and middle school students
Closed day 4th Monday of every month(If it is a holiday, the next day will be closed)
Access 【By car】Hanamaki Airport~ Takamuro Suikoen about 55min Tono Station~Takamuro Suikoen about 15min

What can you do in Takamuro Suikoen?

What can you do in Takamuro Suikoen?

Walk in the park

Walk in the park

The beautiful nature of Tono is reproduced inside Takamuro Suikoen, so You can take a walk while enjoying the view of the four seasons.

Tono Ike is the pond where the shape of the former Tono city was reproduced on a scale of 1/600. Torii are built at the actual locations of the shrines of Tono and There are Tono Sanzan related the three goddesses that appear in The Legends of Tono.

Tono Ike

Yumemido is named after an inn where three young goddesses stayed overnight who said that lived in Tono Sanzan. Looking forward from it, you can see the magnificent view of Mt. Hayachine.


Tono Ike is also a fishing pond, so You can fish if you pay(Irregular holidays).

Take a day trip bath

Takamuro Suikoen is equipped with bathing facilities so that you can also enjoy a day trip bath.

There are two types of bathhouses, Japanese style and Western style. And there is also a sauna and steam bath.

After enjoying the walk, Why don’t you heal your daily fatigue?

Stay the night

Stay the night

It is also possible to stay at Takamuro Suikoen. Why don’t you stay there while enjoying the beautiful view of the park

There are Japanese-style rooms and Western-style rooms that are barrier-free, and one of the charm is that you can stay in the traditional house ‘Magariya

Magariya makes you feel as if you have traveled back in time!



The facility has a dining hall where you can enjoy local Tono cuisine and a restaurant where you can eat Tono’s famous Genghis Khan(reservation required).

Please try Tono’s delicious food!

Above all, Doburoku soft cream is the best after taking a bath!

Please come to Takamuro Suikoen for a relaxing time!