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What is Takimi Dango?Let’s eat delicious dumplings while watching the beautiful view

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I introduced Kakko Dango before. Actually there is another famous dumpling in Genbikei Gorge.

What is Kakko-Dango? Do you know flying dango?

Do you know flying dango? There is a rare dango in Genbikei Gorge previously introduced. I introduce Kakko-Dango that a specialty of Kakkoya.

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What is Genbikei Gorge?You can see the view created by rich nature over many years!

I introduce Genbikei Gorge. You can see the view created by rich nature over many years.

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Today, I will introduce Takimi Dango.

It’s chewy and delicious dumplings.

What is Takimi Dango?

What is Takimi Dango?

Takimi Dango is a dumpling shop with a long history in Genbikei Gorge.

The specialty is Takimi Dango made from local sasanishiki. It’s soft, chewy and delicious dumpling loved by local people.

It’s also called hand-cat dango. Because it’s made of cutting a long stick-shaped dango with a thread.

There are hand-cat dango and 5 colors dango on the menu. Hand-cat dango has 9 dumplings in the bowl.(320yen) 5 colors dango has 5 kinds of dumplings.(650yen) Of course, also sell a single skewered dumpling.(130yen)


There are 6 types of hand-cat dango: soy sauce, sesame, zunda, anko, walnut, and natto.

There are 5 types of 5 colors dango: Isobe, walnut, anko, zunda, sesame.


Isobe is a dumpling wrapped with seaweed and covered with a sweet soy sauce. Anko is a sweet red-bean paste. Zunda is a sweet and healthy paste made from young soybeans.

Where is Takimi Dango?

Where is Takimi Dango?
Adress Takinoue-291-2, Genbi town, I chinoseki city, Iwate.
Business Hours AM9:00 ~ PM5:00 (Limited quantity)
The closed day Open all year round
Access 【By car】Ichinoseki station ~ Takimi Dango about 20min

Let’s eat delicious dumplings while watching the beautiful view

Takimi Dango is easy to find near the entrance of Gembi Gorge. When you enter the store, you can see a clerk cutting a dango with a thread.

Of course you can also eat there. The weather was fine on this day, so I took out 5colors dango.

It has plenty of 5 kinds of sauces, isobe, walnut, sesame, zunda, bean paste. It’s flat and big compared to normal. The taste is chewy and delicious.

Takimi Dango

The beautiful view created by nature spreads out in Genbikei Groge. so this dumplings eaten while watching this view are more delicious.

Takimi Dango

I ate Takimi Dango and I was satisfied with my heart and stomach.

If you visit the Gembi Gorge, please try Takimi Dango.