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What is Toshichi Onsen? Enjoy the natural hot spring at Mt.Hachimantai!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, Do you like hot spring? There are many good hot springs in Iwate.

Among these, Today I will introduce Toshichi Onsen! You can spend a relaxing time at the natural hot spring inn located in Mt.Hachimantai

What is Toshichi Onsen?

What is Toshichi Onsen?

Toshichi Onsen Saiunsou” is a natural hot spring inn in Hachimantai. It’s located at an altitude of 1400m of Mt. Hachimantai, so It is also the hot spring inn in the highest place in Tohoku.

Due to its characteristics, the entire inn is covered with deep snow in winter, so it is usually only available for a limited period from April to October. In addition, it does not have an electric wire, so electric power is only private power generation, and no telephone line, the only communication method is a mobile phone. The environment different from that of everyday life enhances the feeling of the secret hot springs of Toshichi Onsen.

You can enjoy the beautiful view of Hachimantai from the inn and the Open-air hot spring, and you can enjoy a relaxing time.

The hot springs are simple sulfur springs flowing from a source spring, and mud containing hot spring ingredients is deposited at the bottom of the open-air hot spring, so you can enjoy mud packs.

There are many types of baths, including indoor baths for men and women, 5 types of mixed-use open-air hot springs, female-only outdoor baths, and guest-only open-air hot spring.

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By Toshichi Onsen

Also, at Toshichi Onsen, the stars shine in the night sky when the weather is nice, and you can also see the sea of ​​clouds if the conditions are right.

Enjoy the natural hot spring at Mt.Hachimantai!

Enjoy the natural hot spring at Mt.Hachimantai!

By 旅と温泉の無料写真素材 おんふぉとより

you can enjoy not only lodging but also day-trip hot spring at Toshichi Onsen. It is also close to the summit of Mt.Hachimantai, so It’s also perfect for soothing fatigue after enjoying trekking.

The hot springs of Toshichi Onsen are said to be effective against neuralgia, chronic digestive diseases, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc.

You can enjoy the superb view of Hachimantai from the open-air hot springs surrounded by nature while bathing hot spring. Also, the open-air hot spring was built using a slope of mountain, so we can enjoy the view unique to the highlands.

The quality of the spring is also good, so the body gets warm. It is perfect for healing your daily fatigue!

Information of Toshichi Onsen

Information of Toshichi Onsen
Address Matsuoyoriki Kitanomata, Hachimantai, Iwate
Day trip hot spring AM8:00~PM6:00
The fee of day trip hot spring Adult:600yen Child:300yen
Access 【By Car】Morioka station~ Toshichi Onsen about 90min
【By Bus】Morioka station~ Toshichi Onsen about 110min
Web page https://www.toshichi.com/