written by Ryohei Endo

What is Kamisuki-kan? Let’s make only one washi in the world!

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Good evening, I’m ryo!

Thank you for coming to my Blog.

There are a lot of wonderful placeds in Iwate.

I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, do you know washi?

It’s japanese traditional paper.

Today,I will introduce Kamisuki-kan.

Visitars can do papermaking at Kamisuki-kan.

What is Kamisuki-kan?

What is Kamisuki-kan?

Kamisuki-kan is in Higashiyama town, Ichinoseki city.

It’s the store of ‘Tozan washi’ and japanese paper products.

Tozan washi is traditional higashiyama’s peaer that has a history of over 800 years.

There is district called kamiagari in Higashiyama. It is said to be the origin of Tozan washi.

The origin of Higashiyama’s name is that the east side view from Tabashineyama near the Chusonji Temple looks like Higashiyama in kyoto, so this place came to be called Higashiyama. This place name is also used on Tozan washi.

Tozan washi is made mainly in the cold season. It has nature color of koze. Paper quality is soft and sturdy.

Several craftsmen continue to make Tozan washi to protect traditions in Higashiyama

Visitars can buy ‘Tozan washi’ and Japanese paper products at Kamisuki-kan,and also do paper making.

Information of Kamisuki-kan

Adress 390 Nagasakamachi, Higashiyamacho, Ichinoseki, Iwate
Business Hours April to November AM9:00~PM5:00
December to March AM10:00~PM3:00
The closed day April to November no holidays
December to March Irregular holidays
Charge of papermaking 1 person…1,100yen
2 persons…1,700yen
over 3persons… 800yen per person
Access 【By train】JR Ichinoseki station ~ JR Geibikei station ~ Kamisuki-kan(JR Ofunato Line about 35min and on foot about 5min)
【By car】JR Ichinoseki station ~ Kamisuki-kan(about 25min)

Let’s make only one washi in the world!

Let’s make only one washi in the world at Kamisuki-kan.

At first, pour the ingredients of washi into the wood flame. Repeat this until the thickness is even.


Then, pour the colored ingredients of washi into the wood flame. Let’s draw the picture freely. There are many colors and you can also use Autumn leaves!


I drew cherry blossoms this day. It looks like cherry blossoms, isn’t it? lol Honestly I’m not good at painting, but it was fun.


The finished washi is dried for one week at here and it is completed.

The finished product looks like this.


Anyone from adults to a children can enjoy papermaking.

Would you like to try making only one washi in the world at Kamisuki-kan.

You can also buy Tozan washi and Japanese paper products made by craftsmen there.

please come to Kamisuki-kan.