written by Ryohei Endo

【What is Dragon Eye?】

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Goodevening, I’m ryo!

Thank you for coming to my Blog.

The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom in Iwate.

I think that Corona virus will be calm soon.

Then I hope that many travelers come to I wate.

There are a lot of wonderful places in Iwate.

Today,I will introduce Dragon Eye.

What is Dragon eye?

Dragon Eye

There is Dragon eye in near the top of Hachimantai between Iwate and Akita.

The view of melting snow at ‘Kagami-numa’ looks like dragon eye, so it is called ‘Dragon eye’. It’s very beautiful and mysterious.

Visitars can see it for a limiter time from last May to early June.

Dragon eye is mede by mysterious power of nature, so shape of it changes every eyear. And the water color of Kagami-numa changes depends on the wether.

It’s the precious view that never see the same view again.

Important notice


You can check the condition of Dragon Eye from this web site.

If you go to Dragon eye, I have advice for you.

First Hachimantai is still cold from last May to early June, so you need to wear warm clothes.

And There is still snow here, so you should put on Hiking boots.

If you need, you should take a sunglasses. Because sunlight is strong there.


The view of Hachimantai
By car JR Morioka station ~ Hachimantai Mountaintop Rest House about 70min(use Expressway)
Tohoku Expressway Matsuo-Hachimantai IC ~ Hachimantai Mountaintop Rest House about 40min
By bus JR Morioka station ~ Hachimantai Mountaintop Rest House about 120min

It tikes 15 minutes on foot from Hachimantai Mountaintop Rest House to Dragon Eye.

There are a good hot springs and a hotel around Hachimantai, I also recommend you to stay in them.

Please come to Dragon Eye to see the beautifu view.