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【What is Geibi Gorge?】

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The climate of Iwate has become much warmer now, so it’s almost spring.

There are a lot of wonderful places in Iwate.

Today,I will introduce Geibi Gorge.

What is Geibi Gorge?

Geibi Gorge

There is Geibi Gorge in Higashi town, Ichinoseki city, Iwate.

Geibi Gorge is a one of the most famous gorge in japan.

This gorge is covered from a rock wall of limestone over 50m by the Satets river.

It has beautiful nature of changing seasons and many kinds of flowers such as wisteria.

You can enjoy the boat ride and beautiful view made by nature of each season.

The boatmen and women use a pole to control the boat.

It is the only place in japan.

Information of Geibi Gorge

Information of Geibi Gorge

Adress Nagasaka, Higashiyama town, Ichinoseki city, Iwate
Business Hours Check the web page
Admission 1,800yen for adult 900yen for school kid 200yen for infant
Access 【by car】Ichinoseki station~ Geibi Gorge about 30minutes
【by train】Ichinoseki station~ Geibi station(JR Ofunato Line) about35minutes and 5minutes on foot
webpage http://www.geibikei.co.jp/

What is ‘undameshi’?

Visitars can also do ‘undameshi’ at Geibi Gorge.

‘Undameshi’ is try your luck.

It is said that if you throw the lucky stone into the hole, your wish came ture.

What is 'undameshi'?

Visitars can buy the five lucky stones for 100yen.

lucky stone

It is written in kanji, so it’s also good for souvenirs.

Please come to Geibi Gorge