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What is Jodogahama beach?

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There are a lot of wonderful places in Iwate.

Today,I will introduce Jodogahama beach and Blue Grotto.

What is Jodogahama beach?

What is Jodogahama beach?

Jodogahama beach is a national scenic beauty and one of the top 100 swimming beach in japan.

Jodogahama beach

It is said that Jodogahama beach was named by a buddist priest of joanji temple about 300 years ago.

The view likes the pure land and Japanese-style garden.

Visitars can enjoy watching a beautiful sea.

The sound of waves and beautiful view make me calm down.

The wave is calm in this place,so Jodogahama beach is crowded with many people in summer.

What is Blue Grotto?

What is Blue Grotto?

There is Blue Grotto at Jodogahama beach.

The water is so clear and beautiful blue.

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto shows some color of water according to the season,climet,sun light,time.

Visitars go to Blue Grotto by sappa boat and can feed Seagull on the boat.

Information of Blue Grotto⬇️

Opening hours 8:30〜17:00
Business period March〜November
Admission 1,500yen
Duration 20minutes

Where is Jodogahama beach?

Where is Jodogahama beach?

There is Jodogahama beach in Miyaco city, Iwate.

Information of Jodogahama beach⬇️

address 〒027-0001 32 hitachihama town miyako city Iwate
access 【By car】Morioka station〜Jodogahama beach about 2hours
【By train】Morioka station〜Miyako station JR yamada line about 2hours 30minutes
【By bus】Miyako station〜Oku Jodogahama beach about 20minutes.

Miyako city is famous for it’s seafood,so visitars can enjoy eating fleshy and delicious seafood.