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【What is Osawa Onsen】

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The climate of Iwate has become much warmer now, so it’s almost spring.

I hope that Corona virus will be calm soon.

There are a lot of wonderful places in Iwate.

Today,I will introduce Osawa Onsen.

What is Osawa Onsen?

Osawa onsen

There is Osawa Onsen in Hanamaki city, Iwate.

Osawa Onsen is one of the most famous hot spring in Iwate.

Kenji Miyazawa used to visit this place.

He is famous novelist and author of children’s stories in Japan.

Osawa Onsen has 3 buildings.

Sansuikaku is pure japaneas style inn.

Tojibu is traditional inn that was built 200 years ago.

Kikusuikan is gallery of thatched roof.

Theare is a legend at this place that In about 1200years ago, Great general Sakanoue tamuramaro was wounded with poison allow, but his wound healed soon by entering this hot spring.

It is the historical hot spring.

Visitars are able to enjoy staying at here or day trip to the hot springs.

Information of day trip to the hot springs at Osawa Onsen

Information of day trip to the hot springs at Osawa Onsen.

Adress 181 Osawa, Yuguchi, Hanamaki-shi, Hanamaki, Hanamaki, Iwate, Japan
Business Hours 【Sansuikaku】AM11:00~PM14:00
AAdmission 【Sansuikaku】1,000yen for adult 500yen for children
【Tojibu】 600yen for adult 300yen for children
BAccess 【By Bus】Hanamaki station~ Osawa Onsen about 30min
【By car】Hanamaki Airport ~ Osawa Onsen about 30min
Web page https://www.oosawaonsen.com/touji/

Let’s enjoy day trip to the hot springs at Osawa Onsen.

Osawa onsen2

Osawa Onsen has 6 hot springs.

Visitars of day trip to the hot springs can take 4 hot spring at Tojibu or 5 hot spring at Sansuikaku.

specialty of Osawa Onsen is Osawa-no-yu wheare is along the river.

It is covered with beautiful nature, so visitars enjoy seeing the beautiful view for each season and sound of river while taking this hot spring.

This hot spring make me very relax.

Tojibu is also covered with traditional atmosphere. Visitars can feel traditional japanease style.


Please come to Osawa Onsen to take good hot spring!