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What is Ryusendo Cave?

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There are a lot of wonderful places in Iwate.

Today,I will introduce Ryusendo Cave.

What is Ryusendo Cave?

What is Ryusendo Cave?

There is Ryusendo Cave in Iwaizumi town,Japan.

Ryusendo Cave is one of japan’s three most famous stalactite cave.

As far as people know, the total length of the cave is 4,088m, 700m of that is open to the public.

There are the beautiful underground lakes.

The underground lakes have so clear and brilliant blue water that is the most transparent in the world.

The underground lakes are called ‘Dragon blue’.

Visitars can see a mysterious view.

Information of Ryusendo Cave.

Information of Ryusendo Cave⬇️

Adress 1-1 Aza Kannari,Iwaizumi,Iwaizumi Town, Shimohei District, Iwate Prefecture.
Business Hours Oct. to Apr. AM8:30~PM5:00
May. to Sept. AM8:30~PM6:00
The closed day open all year round
Admission 1,000yen for adult
500yen for student
Access 【By Bus】Morioka~Iwaizumi (JR bus about 110min)
【By car】Hanamaki Airport ~Iwaizumi (about 150min)
Web page http://www.iwate-ryusendo.jp/en/

The pictures of Ryusendo Cave

You can see the Stalactites made by nature and the beautiful underground lakes.

I hope that You feel the feeling of exploring.

ハート型龍 龍泉洞内部 月宮殿

It’s cave of venus that looks like a shy venus⬇️


The bats live in Ryusendo Cave⬇️

コウモリ 第1地底湖 長命の淵 龍泉洞とは?

It’s third underground lake. The water is 98m deep⬇️


If you go to Ryusendo Cave, you need to wear moveable clothing and bring jacket.

Because it’s a little slippery and a little cold inside Ryusendo Cave.

Please come to Ryusendo Cave!