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What is the Legend of Oshirasama?

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Today,I will introduce The Legend of Oshirasama and Oshirado.

What is The Legend of Oshirasama?

What is The Legend of Oshirasama?

The Legend of Oshirasama included in tono monogatari.

The Tono monogatari is a folktale about Tono city.

The Legend of Oshirasama is the tragic tale of a love between a farmer’s daughter and a horse.

About the Legend of Oshirasama⬇️

Once upon a time, A farmer and his daughter lived in Tono with a horse.

She loved a horse and slept together in stables at night.

Finally, they becoming a couple.

A farmer heard it and got angry, so he killed a horse by hanging it from a tree.

Next day, she noticed it and cried hugging around the horse’s neck.

He hated it and cut off the horse’s neck.

At that time, she and horse rose together into the heavens.

Then a farmer’s daughter becoming Oshirasama.

The Oshirasama is a household deity.

The Oshirasama is said to tell a people good things or bad things in a dream.

What is the Tono Denshoen?

WWhat is  the Tono Denshoen?

Visitors can see a traditional farmer’s house of Tono and the Oshirado in Tono denshoen.


A traditional farmer’s house is called a Nanbu-magari-ya.


It combines a main house and a stable.

Visitors can enjoy eating local cuisine and buying a souvenir.

Information of Tono denshoen

Opening hours 9:00~17:00(Last admission 16:30)
The closed day Open all year round
Admission 330 yen for adults
220 yen for child(elementary, junior high and high school students)
web page http://www.densyoen.jp/

What is the Oshirado?

What is the Oshirado?

You can see the Oshirado in Tono denshoen.

It is surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere.

There are one thousand oshirasama in this place.

The Osirasama is wearing a small kimono.

Visitors can write their prayer on kimono and dress it for oshirasama.