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What is The Legend of Tono’s kappa?

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There are a wonderful places in Iwate.

Today,I will introduce The Legend of Tono’s kappa and Kappabuchi Pool.

What is kappa?

What is kappa?

One of the most famous apparition of japanease is Kappa.

There are a lot of tales of kappa in japan.
The Kappa is said to have green skin,a water-filled plate at the top of the head, a shell on the back like that of a turtle,and webbed hands.

It is also said that the kappa will become enervated and die if the plate at the top of the head will be dried out or broken.

It is mischievous but not malicious by nature.

Kappa’s favorite food is cucumber.

What is The Legend of Tono’s kappa?

What is The Legend of Tono's kappa?

The Legend of Tono’s kappa included in tono monogatari.

The Tono monogatari is a folktale about Tono city.

Tono’s kappa is said to have a red face.

About the Legend of Tono’s kappa⬇️

One hot day, someone took a horse to cool off in the deep pool and then went off to play.
A kappa appeared and tried to pull the horse into the water.
But instead the kappa was pulled out of the water by the horse and dragged off to the stable.
The kappa hid under the horse’s feed buket.
But The kappa was found by landlord and put on trial.
The kappa said that ‘I never play a prank’.
the landlord forgaive the kappa and the kappa lived quietly at the rever.
It is said that the kappa became a guardian god.

What is Kappabuchi Pool?

What is Kappabuchi Pool?

Theare is kappabuchi pool in Tono city Iwat prefecture.

Tono’s Kappa are said to live in kappabuchi pool.

Kappabuchi pool is covered with beautiful nature and beautiful water flows in this river.

The flow and the sound of the river make me calm.

Visitars can try kappa’s fishing in it if you buy license of kappa catching.

Visitars can buy this license at Tono denshoen.

You might be able to meet kappa in kappabuchi pool.