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What is Kinshuko Otaki Illumination?Let’s wnjoy the fantastic scenery!

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By the way, Do you like illumination? I think illumination makes the night scenery look more fantastic. The “Kinshuko Otaki Illumination” held in Nishiwaga, Iwate was the first dam facility to be certified as a “Japan Night View Heritage”

Today, I will introduce “Kinshuko Otaki Illumination“!

What is Kinshuko Lake?

What is Kinshuko Lake?

There is an arch-gravity dam “Yuda Dam” with a height of 89.5m that was completed in 1966 in Nishiwaga, Iwate. The lake formed by it is “Kinshuko Lake”.

It has been selected as one of the “100 dam lake selections in Japan“, so you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons, and it is also known for its beautiful autumn leaves. It is a place many tourists visit to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.

Events such as the “Kinshuko Lake Water Festival” and “Kinshuko Lake Marathon” will be held in late May, and the “Waga River Rubber Boat Ride Tournament” will be held in July. Yuda Onsen Village is also nearby, making it a recommended place to enjoy the hot springs and natural scenery.

What is Kinshuko Otaki Illumination?

What is Kinshuko Otaki Illumination?

There is a “Yuda Sand Reservoir Dam” at Kinshuko Lake to prevent sediment from accumulating inside the dam lake and reducing the water storage capacity of the Yuda Dam. Kinshuko Otaki is a waterfall that appears like a curtain of water flowing from the sand reservoir dam from July to September when the water level of the Yuda dam drops. The back side of the waterfall is passable, so you can feel the force of the flowing water and the splashes up close.

The “Kinshuko Otaki Illumination” is held using the Kinkiko Otaki Waterfall. The waterfall that flows from dusk to night is illuminated, and you can enjoy a fantastic view.

It was certified as a “Japan Night View Heritage” for the first time as a dam facility. During July 2020, it was illuminated in blue with gratitude to the medical staff who are facing the coronavirus at the forefront. Currently, the waterfall is colored in seven colors.

Let’s enjoy the fantastic scenery of the powerful waterfall and the illumination!

Information of Kinshuko Otaki Illumination

Information of Kinshuko Otaki Illumination
Address Uenono district, Nishiwaga, Waga-gun, Iwate
Event dates 2020/7/1~2020/10/11
Open time Opening to the public/AM9:00~PM4:30
Illumination/PM6:30~PM9:00 ※Cannot enter the passage at night
Access 【By Car】Kitakami station~ Kinshuko Otaki about 55min

The event might be cancelled due to dam discharge. And please note that the period might change due to coronavirus.

Illumination is canceled due to dam inspection during the period from 2020/8/31~9/6.