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What is Nitobe Kannon Sen?Do you like a place where clean water is springing up?

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Good evening, I’m ryo!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, there is a place in Kitakami where clean water is springing up.

Today, I will introduce Nitobe Kannon Sen!

What is Nitobe Kannon Sen?

What is Nitobe Kannon Sen?

Nitobe Kannon Sen that has been selected as one of the 20 best waters in Iwate is in Ezuriko, Kitakami city.

It is a spring where a beautiful water is springing from under the cedar trees in Nitobe temple.

A part of Ezuriko is called ‘Suzu no Sato‘, so there are about 70 springs in that place. Those clean water is used to grow Seri. Seri is a vegetable with a unique taste and aroma. It cultivated in Ezuriko is called ‘Ezuriko Seri‘ and they have a particularly crisp and aroma.

Nitobe Kannon Sen is an important place especially for the cultivation of Seri. A beautiful and crean water is springing out there.

Where is Nitobe Kannon Sen?

Where is Nitobe Kannon Sen?
Address 16 Chiwari, Shimoezuriko, Kitakami city, Iwate.
Access 【By car】Kitakami station ~ Nitobe Kannon Sen about 10min
【By train】Kitakami station ~ Ezuriko station (JR Kitakami line about 7min + On foot about 15min)

Do you like a place where clean water is springing up?

This is Nitobe Kannon Sen! It is very quiet and calm place.

The cherry blossoms were floating on the surface of the water at this time. The surface of the water reflects like a mirror and is very beautiful view.

Nitobe Kannon Sen

This is the clean water gushing point. The amount of water is not very large, but it has a very nice atmosphere.

gushing point

Let’s look into the water! It’s crystal clear, so just watching it makes me feel better.

into the water

This water is used to grow the famous Seri. Seri also are delicious when added to Nabe. For your information, Nabe is a cuisine that you put assorted ingredients into a single pot and cook all at the same time. You should try eat!

waterway into the water of waterway

You should visit Nitobe Kannon Sen to see the beautiful water!