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What is Seiryusui? The best water in a historical town!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

Today, I will introduce Seiryusui.

It’s selected as one of the 100 famous waters of Heise!

What is Seiryusui?

what is Seiryusui?

Seiryusui is in Natayacho where the historical cityscape is left. It’s selected as one of the 100 famous waters of Heisei along with Daiji Shimizu, which is located across the alley.

Many people use it for daily life Since the Edo period. It is drawn with a wood pipe made in 1868 from the spring pond of Gidaji Temple. It is said that it was named Seiryusui, due to the legend of Seiryu that remains at Gidaji Temple.

Cleaning activities and maintenance and repair activities are carried out by the water association to maintain beautiful view and water quality.

But now the source of Seiryusui is dry and the cause hasn’t been traced. I hope that the original beautiful appearance will be restored as soon as possible.

The best water in a historical town!

The best water in a historical town!

Clean, highly transparent water is drawn from the spring pond of Kida Temple through a wood pipe, creating a quiet stream of water.

Many people visited this place to get water before the spring dry up. According to the story I heard, the coffee brewed with that water is delicious.

Rules are set so that many people can use this Seiryusui with peace of mind: The first step surrounded by a wooden frame use for drinking water, the second step use for rice washing, the third step use for washing, and the fourth step use for foot washing. When you use it, follow this rules to protect valuable resources.

Many people have come to use this water since ancient times, so I thought that Seiryusui was not only used as water for daily life, but also as a place that connects people. I hope the water will spring out again soon.

Where is Seiryusui?

Where is Seiryusui?
Address Natayacho, Morioka, Iwate
Access 【By Car】Morioka station~Seiryusui about 10min