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What is Suginodo Oosuzu? Let’s spend a quiet time in a place with clean water!

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Good evening, I’m ryo!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, There are a places in Iwate that are famous for its clean water.

Among these, Today I will introduce Suginodo Oosuzu.

Clean and transparent water is flowing at this place!

What is Suginodo Oosuzu?

What is Suginodo Oosuzu?

Suginodo Oosuzu in Mizusawa,Oshu city, Iwate is famous for Kobo Daishi visit.

He is a famous buddhist monk as the founder of the Shingon sect.

The clay figures and relics of the late Jomon period have been discovered around this place, so it is the place where people lived from that time.

The water that is springing out there is very clear and beautiful. In addition, this place is surrounded by nature, so it’s a quiet and calm place.

This clean water is also selected as one of the 20 best waters in Iwate!

Where is Suginodo Oosuzu?

Where is Suginodo Oosuzu?
Address Shinjo-Numajiri, Mizusawku, Oshu city, Iwate.
Access 【By car】Mizusaw station ~ Suginodo Oosuzu about 10min
【By bus】Mizusaw station ~ Suginodo bus stop about 10min

If you drive to this place, be careful because the parking lot is small.

Let’s spend a quiet time in a place with clean water

This is Suginodo Oosuzu where Kobo Daishi is supposed to drop in. The area around this place is well maintained, so It’s a clean place.

Suginodo Oosuzu

This is where the water is springing. You can clearly see the bottom of the water, So this water has a high transparency. It’s like my boyhood heart.lol

Suginodo Oosuzu2 Suginodo Oosuzu3

The water is also very clear. The flow of water is calm, so you can see the inside of the water well. When the sun hits, it looks like emerald blue.

into the water

Suginodo Oosuzu is a calm place surrounded by beautiful nature and clean water flows. Why don’t you go there for a calm time?