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What is Unedori Sama? Will your love wish come true there!?

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Good evening, I’m ryo!

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There’re a lot of wonderful places in Iwate, so I want many people to come to Iwate.

By the way, There are many shrines in Iwate with interesting legends.

Among these, Today I will introduce Unedori Sama.

It’s a shrine where the God of Marriage is enshrined!

What is Unedori Sama?

What is Unedori Sama?

Unedori Sama is a shrine at the foot of Atagoyama. It is said that it was founded during the Edo period by moving the sacred spirits of Ugodori Myojin of “Unotori Shrine” also located in Fudai-mura, Iwate.

In fact, It is attracting attention as a power spot for fulfillment in love!

Ugodori Myojin enshrined in this shrie is the god of marriage and there is a story of love fulfillment in The Legends of Tono Shui, so Unedori Sama is a shrine of marrige.

The Legends of Tono Shui Chapter 35

There is a shrine of Unedori Sama at the foot of Atagoyama in Tono. There is a pond next to the place, and a single-leafed root grows. It is said that It used to be a big deep pool and When pray the Lord of the deep pool, the relationship between men and women is tied.

And sometimes the believer appeared the Lord of the deep pool.

【The Legends of Tono Shui Chapter 35】

Now there is no deep pool in this place, so pray in another way.

Will your love wish come true there?

Will your love wish come true there?

Use a red cloth when you make a wish at Unedori Sama.

We will do this by tying the tree or rope in front of Hokora (small shrine) to the red cloth with the wish written on it. If you do it, it’s important point what use only your left hand.

As a result, countless red cloths are tied around this shrine precincts, so It creates a mysterious view there.

mysterious view

I’m clumsy, but I tried. It’s difficult for me to tie it with my left hand only, but somehow I could do it.

You can buy a red cloth for 100 yen at this shrine precincts. You should try it!

Where is Unedori Sama?

Where is Unedori Sama?
Address Shimokumicho 9-23, Tono, Iwate
Access 【By car】Hanamaki Airport~Unedori Sama about 50min Tono station~Unedori Sama about 5min

Please come to Unedori Sama to pray and see a mysterious view!