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【What is Fujisan Ryokan】

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The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom in Iwate.

I hope that Corona virus will be calm soon.

There are a lot of wonderful places in Iwate.

Today,I will introduce Fujisan Ryokan.

What is Fujisan Ryokan?

What is Fujisan Ryokan?

There is Fujisan Ryokan in Hanamaki city,Iwate.

It’s one of the most famous hot spring in Iwate.

Kenji Miyazawa used to visit this place who is famous novelist and author of children’s stories in Japan.

It was also the set of the famous novel written by Torahiko Tamiya.

Origin of this hot spring is said that about 600years ago, found a white monkey taking the hot spring at the root of Katsura tree.

This ryokan is made of zelkova and looks like inn of Ghibli’s movie ‘Spirited Away’.

It is the historical hot spring!

Visitars are able to enjoy staying at here or day trip to the hot springs.

Information of day trip to the hot springs at Fujisan Ryokan

Adress 75-1 Namari Nakadaira, Hanamaki city, Iwate.
Business Hours AM7:00~PM21:00(Last admission 20:30)
Admission 700yen for adult 500yen for children
Access 【By Bus】Shin-Hanamaki station~ Fujisan Ryokan about 55min
【By car】Hanamaki Airport ~ Fujisan Ryokan about 35min
Web page https://www.namari-onsen.co.jp/index.html

What is Shirozaru-no-yu?

Shirozaru-no-yu is specialty at Fujisan Ryokan. It is the deepest rock bath in Japan. The depth is 1.25m, so visitars take it while standing. It is the unisex hot spring, but it has the time for women only.


From Fujisan Ryokan web page

There are more hot spring at Fujisan Ryokan. Open-air hot spring is beside a river,so visitars are able to hear a sound of river while taking the hot spring.


Thease hot springs make visitars very relaxed and comfortable.

Fujisan Ryokan is also covered with traditional atmosphere. Visitars can enjoy traditional Japanese inns.

inn inn2

Please come to Fujisan Ryokan to take good hot spring!